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We love our early adopters the most!

At the early stage of our startup, we received tremendous support from different media channels especially after the launch of our first MVP. This resulted in capturing our second client whom contacted us by coming across our personalized portraits that was featured on the Instagram page of a governmental entity. The interesting part of our early adopters is that they hunt and search until they finally find us. She knew that the co-founders were AUS and Sheraa graduates, therefore she contacted Sheraa and asked for our contact.

We received a call from the client and she was looking for a unique gift for her mentor. She wanted to gift her mentor a special gift that would appreciate his incredible support through her career. Moreover, she thought our portrait collection was unique and has never seen a similar artwork anywhere before. It’s worth mentioning that we slightly felt that she was insecure about the outcome of the work as she couldn’t visualize the final product. However, we assured her with the wood samples and showed her our one and only product that was our MVP.

Another incredible fact about early adopters is that they pay cash and do no bargain at all! It’s rare to find such clients and they should be highly appreciated. We started production and dealt with fresh contractors located in Ajman and Sharjah. We were above production like no one’s business. We just couldn’t risk disappointing an early adopter. Our personalized portraits collection requires a lot of time spent on the handcrafting phase. Therefore, we received our raw materials from our carpenters and started the final stage of hand assembling. While we were assembling, we realized that we need to figure out packaging for the product. A packaging for such a huge product was completely alien to us. We had to consider the weight of the product along with ease of mobility and placement. We sketched the packaging design and discussed it with our carpenter and proceeded with its production.

The day arrived, we had to submit the product to the client. We realized something about the packaging was just not practical nor operating as expected. The wheels were too small to hold the weight of the product! Therefore, it wouldn’t balance. It was too late to change plans and consider an alternative packaging method. Moreover, we decided to use mans power to lift and place the product in the car. We asked strangers in the elevator to help us lift the product. The product was extremely heavy, and the packaging weight just made it worse. Finally, we arrived at the location and met the client. When we were about to discharge the product with it’s packaging, we realized that one of the wheels broke! Oh dear, can we fix it? No! lets stay cool and pretend like everything perfect.

Our client requested to open the packaging to see the product. The moment we opened the packaging, her expression was incredible. She loved it! She couldn’t wait to gift it to her mentor. We did it, with all of the difficulties and we were able to satisfy our client. That’s the only thing that mattered!


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