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The Unexpected Dilemma!

We were introduced to this project from a referral that came through our previous client. We find referrals to be one of the most successful channels of acquiring projects. In this project, we encountered a significant challenge that turned to be a great learning experience for JuxtaPiece.  We planned our first meeting to receive the project brief from our client 'Sharjah Asset Management'. To start with, we were faced with a tight timeline to work with in handing over the customized giveaways for their event. Our first reaction was a series of doubts and hesitations having to work with the assigned delivery date. Due to the constricted timeline, we decided to choose a product from our pre-made collection, in order to meet the deadline.

As part of our pre-made collection, the client chose our customized book holder. This product has been inspired by her highness Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi’s initiative of providing 2.1 million books to 42,000 households as part of the Home Library project. Moreover, the design represents a compact home library in a very modern approach. It accommodates 5 books with different heights and thicknesses. The Sharjah skyline is created using the Kufic handwriting in the front face of the product and resembles Sharjah as the World book Capital of 2019. The client loved the product and wanted to adapt certain customization elements to it in order to thank their sponsors and partners for their tremendous support. As part of the bespoke services we offer, our products are highly customizable and adaptable to the client's needs and requirements. Therefore, we can surely adapt such changes to the product in order to make it unique for every client. We showcased the final product sample to the client and they approved on the sample’s quality. We immediately proceeded with the final production.

We scheduled the project timeline according to the delivery date. We have been promised by our sub-contracting team that the production is in line with the project timeline and this gave us the assurance that we are right on track. Suddenly, as we were approaching the delivery date, we realized that the production phase was halted. After a couple of visits to the warehouse, we sensed false and unrealistic promises from the production team that did not tally with the actual status of the production. Few days were remaining to the event, we realized that not even one product was completely assembled. We were at a complete state of panic!

We faced an unexpected dilemma! We had no idea how we could deliver 100 products in one day. Our sub-contracting team simply had no explanation for what has happened. We had to decide to either join the production team and work 24/7 until the event date with no guarantee that we could submit the full 100 quantities or we had to give up on this project and inform the client of the situation. We simply could not risk our reputation with the client and giving up on such hard work was not an option. Therefore, we decided to ask for help from our family members in order to finish the project. We were able to assemble and pack the majority of the products by 10 pm, a night before the event date. The remaining products were getting packed over night until 5 am.

We managed to deliver all the products early morning for their event. This was certainly the biggest challenge JuxtaPiece encountered. I guess, big lessons are learnt the hard way. However, on the bright side, WE DID IT! No words could explain how much we appreciated the great support we received from our families in handing over this project.  We couldn’t have made it without them! 


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