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The most challenging yet rewarding experience!

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

At that time, we were involved in a competition by Sheraa Entrepreneurship Center, whereby we were working hard to acquire a place to be among the top 10 teams that would make it to the accelerator program. We used to pitch continuously one after the other and adapt various business strategies for our business. Suddenly, we were contacted by Sheraa’s marketing manager and she wanted to be our very first client to receive corporate gifts for their grand launch. Words could not explain how we both felt at that moment. It was a lot of responsibilities to withstand as our very first project with over 100 quantities of products. Obviously, we decided to accept the offer and take the risk. We started working on designing and producing two different products for the big day of Sheraa. The products were participation trophies and VVIP sponsor gifts.


As recent graduates of the AUS design school, we used our expertise and knowledge to design the products and create an aesthetics that was a revolution to ordinary crystal trophies. Luckily, we were able to meet their needs and design a product that was representative of their values and brand attributes. We were used to designing, but production just seemed extremely scary to us. What was even more challenging and even terrifying was to explore carpentry shops in industrial areas whereby we were two among an all men population.

It’s worthy to mention that at the beginning, going alone in such areas was seriously not an option! Also, we were surely amateurs when dealing with production, as we faced a lot of difficulties dealing with product size, material, finishing and talking to carpenters. We must admit that we learnt Urdo, sign language and whatever it takes to communicate the design with the carpenter.Fortunately, our first client was very patient with our production phase. We were able to finally produce all the products and hand assemble them by ourselves. Simultaneously, we designed and produced our very first Eco-friendly packaging using cardboard material. The packaging of the product required even more scarier visits to other contractors located in Ajman. Luckily, all products and packaging were completed at the same time and we were able to submit all the products the night before the big launch of Sheraa.


We learnt more than we could imagine. We faced a lot of obstacles that we encountered on our own. The most amazing and rewarding part of this experience was when JuxtaPiece was nominated as part of the top 10 winning teams to take part in the accelerator program of Sheraa. This marked the actual beginning of our journey.


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