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The Jigsaw Puzzle!

The most unpredictable channels such as fun workshops and events can lead to potential clients. We met our next client in a workshop/networking event that was not purely business orientated but rather a fun interactive session. Our client ‘Riforma Consulting’ was looking for unique keepsakes that can be used as a marketing element for her business. We enjoyed working on this project as we were able to introduce a whole new approach to dealing with corporate gifts. We were able to schedule a meeting with her and receive a comprehensive brief. Riforma’s main business objective was to teach consulting using a unique gamification process. She mainly worked with corporations that wanted to reinforce their business strategies and enhance their corporate culture using interactive practices.

We started the design phase by considering an interactive product that was in a form of a puzzle. This was due to Riforma’s main strategy of using ‘Lego’ to teach business strategies and adapt creative thinking techniques. We created different design options that allowed the users to interact with the product and create Riforma’s brand logo. This helped in promoting and highlighting her brand visual in an indirect manner. The product consisted of a series of instructions and hints that guided the users to place the puzzle pieces in the right place and order. The design was highly appreciated by the client and we were able to proceed with the production of the product sample.

We started searching for carpenters that provided us with the most competitive pricing while using the latest machinery in their production. Fortunately, we were able to get the best price along with the best technology with a new contractor. The product uses two different materials, wood and acrylic. We encountered a challenge while having to source colored acrylic with the desired material thickness. This was because, we had to place an order of a certain minimum quantity that was way more than what we required. Also, the design accommodated colored acrylic that was very expensive for the client’s budget. Therefore, we decided to experiment with different techniques that dealt with paint and acrylic in order to achieve a similar aesthetics. After many trials and errors, we were able to figure out a cheaper alternative method using back painted clear acrylic. 

The prototype was ready to be presented to the client. We were able to get her approval and proceeded with the final production. Luckily, this project didn’t have a time restriction and we were able to experiment with different methods of production to achieve the desired effect. While the products were being produced, we started designing the packaging. We decided to pursue a simple yet beautiful design using corrugated cardboard. The packaging was customized to Riforma’s branding as it demonstrated her logo in a unique manner. At Juxtapiece, we always aim to integrate eco-friendly products or methods within our practice. Especially by using corrugated cardboard for almost all of our product’s packaging.

At last, the team went through a final quality control check and the products were ready to be delivered. It definitely feels create acquiring customer satisfaction after lots of hard work. Few weeks after, we were invited to an event hosted by our client. It was certainly a great pleasure having to see our products being handed over on the stage to her attendees and participants.

…& this is another great success story for JuxtaPiece!


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