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The Art Enthusiasts are Designers' Best Friends

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Our first MVP (minimum viable product) has been placed in the college of Art, Architecture and Design in the American University of Sharjah. As part of our Interior Design senior project, we were assigned to renovate the dean’s suit. Moreover, as interior designers we pay attention to the most meticulous details. Therefore, we wanted to create an extraordinary approach to the most encountered printed portraits of the rulers. Our approach was highly appreciated and encouraged. Therefore, we created a unique system of juxtaposing wood to resemble the portraits in a most unique manner.

We received tremendous support from visitors and it happened that one of the by passers became an actual client! He is an art enthusiast and director of an art institute named Maraya Art Center. The portraits grabbed his attention and he took the time to examine them at the reception of our college. He loved the artwork and decided to own their very own Sheikh Sultan’s portrait to be placed in the art center. We took the time to explain every detail of the artwork and personalize it to their preference. We then decided to launch our very first limited-edition concepts for our portrait collection.

The process that we go through to deliver the most unique experience and service to the client includes the design stage, material sample/prototyping and hand assembly. In the design stage, we work on the client’s needs and in this case, we used the protocol picture of Sheikh Sultan to create the product as per their requirement. Moreover, we prepare realistic 3D images and renderings of the final outcome of the product to acquire client approval prior production. After the design stage, we showcase material samples that primarily include different wood types, tones and finishes that will be utilized in the artwork for a better understanding of the final product aesthetics. We then proceed to our hardworking sub-contractors for wood sourcing, wood cutting and utilizing latest machinery. The product integrates modern concepts and production processes while maintains the spirit of handcrafting.

An important stage in the production phase of the product is the handcrafting stage. This stage requires sorting out wood types, arranging and placing every module piece by piece in its respective place as shown by the design algorithm. This process takes countless hours and focus to assure perfect match of arrangement in order to replicate the 3D model to achieve the exact portrait appearance. An approximate timeline for creating a portrait would be about a month time from design to production and completion.

Last but not least, we had to re-design and enhance the packaging design to improve its functionality and appearance. We made sure the packaging maintains balance and accommodates a heavy-duty wheel for ease of transport. We considered different methods to overcome the flaws of the previous packaging and created a brand-new packaging design. Luckily, the design was very much successful with slight flaws in the enclosure of the box. But, it looked good!

We were able to arrange an interesting reveal moment for the client and he simply loved it! It’s always a great pleasure seeing a happy customer. And guess what? The client asked if they could keep the packaging with them as they very much loved it!


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