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An Unforgettable Experience!

This project came through another networking event. The power of referrals and networking events are simply incredible. On our first meeting, we were introduced to the company ‘Bee’ah’, an environmental waste management company in Sharjah. We were provided with a brief about the project and the client’s requirement. They were looking for invitation cards for their upcoming event called ‘Sharjah Environmental Awareness Award’. We proposed an idea that was beyond a simple invitation card. An idea that embodied an environmental theme. A product that would motivate the participants and guests to attend their upcoming annual event. 

The design of the product was inspired by the leaf droplet. A wooden planter that encouraged the attendees to take care of their plant and water it as per the instructions provided. The product idea was highly appreciated and product samples were requested. A challenge that we encountered in this project was the project timeline we had in order to deliver the full quantity few days prior their event. We decided to accept the challenge with a condition. A condition that required their collaboration and team work in regards to approvals on design and payments.They agreed to work with us to achieve the stated timeline for this project.

We started sourcing suitable contractors that can provide us with the most cost-effective price to match the client’s budget while maintaining a good quality of craftsmanship for such a unique product. The design of the product was slightly challenging that not every carpenter was willing to accept. This was related to the curved form of the planter along with certain engraving aspects that required latest machinery to adapt. Fortunately, we were able to find a suitable contractor with a reasonable price, as well as a good sample that could be demonstrated to the client. Moreover, we sourced different plan types that provided a green aesthetics that worked perfectly in line with the award theme.

The product sample was ready to be presented to the client. Fortunately, the client worked hand in hand with us to receive approval for the product on the same meeting. Due to the short notice for this project, many conversations and approvals were received via telephone. However, the degree of trust obtained from them was highly appreciated. As soon as the products were completed, we received all planters from our contractor and moved them to a plant shop. This was a great experience for JuxtaPiece’s team to be part of the planting process of the products. 

Luckily, we were able to submit the products successfully as per the timeline with the support of the client. It's always worth mentioning that all the hard work is paid off when we are able to obtain client satisfaction. Few months after the event, we were informed that the event was a great success to our client. This success was expressed in two ways. Firstly, the ‘Green Sheikh’ of Sharjah re-posted our product in social media stating that he will be attending the event only because of this product. Secondly, this year’s event hosted the most guest's and participants in comparison to their previous years. 

We are simply honored to be part of this success and to work with the amazing client ‘Bee’ah’. 


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