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A Unique Desk Organizer!

We met our next client through a networking event and a referral. We definitely learnt to not underestimate the power and influence of such occasions. Through that connection, we scheduled the meeting and went to the client’s office with lots of products to showcase. The most special aspect about this client is that it provides educational facilities and activities for privileged women. We definitely enjoyed designing a customized product for ‘Sharjah Ladies Club’. Our client was looking for a functional valuable gift for their sponsors as a memorable keepsake. Their brand logo had to be represented within the product in a very unique way. In addition to that, they wanted to adapt the sustainability concept in the design of the product. 

We started the design process and incorporated the client's needs and requirements. The product presented to the client integrated Sharjah Ladies Club’s brand logo in an abstract manner. The curvilinear shapes of the logo reflect the environment and landscape of the club since it’s located near the beach. We decided to choose a desk organizer as the main function of the product as it’s one of the most suitable functions for a valuable sponsor considering that they mainly spend their time at their office desk. The ‘Desk Organizer’ is created using wood to reflect a combination of a modern design integrated with a traditional material. Moreover, the logo is created using vertical wooden sticks that serve as dividers for daily stationary such as notepads, pencil/pen storage, mobile phone holder and display shelf for magazines and folders. Moreover, the design is considered to be amongst a multi-functional product category. Also, wood is used as the primary material as it adds warmth and dynamic to the overall shape and aesthetics of the product.

In the packaging design, the main concept is to reveal the product using SLC’s Logo. The Logo is created using vertical slits that are inspired by the products wooden structure. The use of negative spaces provides a sneak-peak and grabs the user’s attention to open the product. Moreover, the logo is clearly emphasized on both sides of the packaging using negative spaces. We have considered the Eco-friendly aspects in both the product and it’s packaging. In the product, the wood wastage has been carefully examined and reduced to its minimum. Furthermore, the packaging design utilizes an eco-friendly material such as brown corrugated cardboard. It’s a beautiful packaging yet using an ordinary recyclable material. This reflects Sharjah Ladies Club’s supportive attitude towards saving and nurturing the environment.

They were very impressed with the design proposal. We were able to receive approvals and proceeded with producing a sample product. There were certain challenges that we encountered while making the first sample. The product structure required precision due to the small width of the wooden sticks. However, our contractor managed to resolve that issue and produced the product sample. Meanwhile, we outsourced specific stationary that included pen/pencils and sticky notes along with customized name tags. On the other hand, we faced some issues dealing with the packaging of the product. Due to the large size of the product, the packaging was very difficult to construct and not every supplier was willing to accept and adapt. However, we managed to find the right supplier to impress the client once again and proceeded with final production.

Finally, the products were ready to be delivered to their office. While delivering the products, we received appealing comments from the by-passers about the packaging of the product. We were able to successfully satisfy our client upon delivery and they were very pleased with the final product. Few months after the completion of this project, we heard great comments from the sponsors who received the gift and that felt incredible! This was another successful story for JuxtaPiece.  


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