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A New Milestone! 

We find networking events and referrals a great link to potential customers. In this project, we were connected to the customer through a referral regarding our handcrafted personalized portraits that were showcased in one of the events. We were then invited to a meeting by an interior design company that was searching for customized artworks for their new office design for a high-end client. Their client ‘Smart Dubai’ was looking for artworks that were innovative, modern and produced using local talent. In the meeting, we showcased our portfolio of bespoke portraits and wall features collection. They were very impressed with the uniqueness of the idea. Moreover, we were commissioned to produce two wall features that were customized for their new office space. 

One of the wall features was meant to be placed in their lobby space/reception area. This artwork’s concept focused on a new representation of the printed portraits of the rulers. While the other artwork focused on a unique portrayal of Dubai’s Skyline using the iconic landmarks. As interior designers, we design and create artworks that respond to the style and the concept of the brand. Therefore, we assessed the core values of the entity that concentrated on providing smart living transformations and experiences to the residents of Dubai. This is achieved using smart technology efficiently to make Dubai the happiest city on earth. As a result, the products had to embody an innovative approach or element that represented the vision clearly. After assessing several variables of the design iterations, we introduced a light feature that added a new level of sophistication to the artworks while promoted the innovative environment of the entity. We have not yet practiced nor adopted this feature in other product lines before. Therefore, this became our biggest challenge and a new milestone for JuxtaPiece. Both design ideas made use of the original system of juxtaposing various wooden pieces with different types and sizes to create a realistic image. Moreover, the design proposals were discussed with the client and highly appreciated. We were able to acquire approvals and it was time for production. 

At the beginning, we felt uncertain about the utilization of light in the artwork. However, we decided to contact lighting experts and collaborate with them in this project. It was certainly a good idea as we gained a lot of insights and we gradually felt more confident proceeding with the production.

On the other hand, due to budget constraint, the client decided to only utilize a light element within one of the products, and that was the collage of the portraits that was meant to be placed in the reception area. We started producing the wooden pieces as well as the wooden structure of the artwork. At the same time, the LED backdrop was being prepared by our electrical experts. Throughout the production, we encountered some glitches that required re-production of certain stages. This created a lot of frustration as both artworks were simultaneously being prepared for the same timeline. The problem encountered was mainly related to the huge size of the artwork. It’s worth mentioning that apart from utilizing light as a new element within our product; both artworks are considered to be the biggest in size amongst all of the other products that we have produced before. Furthermore, we started working on a new design for the packaging. The size of the artworks required a collaboration with a packaging supplier as we needed to securely pack the artworks in a presentable manner.

Finally, we started the handcrafting stage for both of the products. It took us countless hours to place the wooden modules piece by piece while being extremely cautious not to mismatch the order and placement of the pieces. The best way to relieve our tension and long working hours was to step back every once in a while, and look at the product come to life.

After a couple of days, the first product with the LED backdrop was ready to be lit. We were hoping everything goes as expected. However, as soon as we turned on the lights, we realized some lighting issues that needed to be fixed. Immediately, we packed the artwork and took it to our sub-contractors for a final re-touch. After so many back-and-forth trips, we were finally done! The products looked magnificent.

The client was happy and so were the employees of the office. We believe that we accentuated on the vision of the entity using our artworks as it brought happiness to the office and its visitors. This project marked a new milestone for JuxtaPiece.


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